# pinHP Universal Coin Acceptor

Universal Coin Acceptor

3D printable universal coin acceptor

Takes any coin, token or simply a washer and routes it right back into the return compartment or into the cash box, depending on the position of the coin guide.

Based on an original idea and concept by fluxgold

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Download pinHP Universal Coin Acceptor:
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Bolt screws

Original metal coin acceptors are held in place by slotted screws with a very short thread, way too short to cut into the 3D printed material. For the universal coin acceptor, you can use any replacement screw with a slighly longer M3 or #4 thread, however, metric screw bolt heads are just a touch too thick in diameter to fit into the brackets.

Optimal screws, to be used as bolts on the short sides:
 Socket Head Cap Screws, UNC #4 x 3/16
Don't be misled by the product picture, which seems to be the same for the whole product line at the shop. The length of the screw in this link is 3/16 in (4.8 mm) only, excluding the head, indeed.

Coin switch

This device is designed to replace an existing mechanical coin acceptor, with a coin switch already wired and mounted. If the purpose of the universal coin acceptor is to act as a piggy bank, letting any coin fall through into the cash box, there is no need to manipulate the switch.

If you want to have the coins routed back into the return compartment, unmount the original switch and screw it onto the universal coin acceptor. The wire lever needs to be bent into position.

To find a switch  somewhere near you, google for "coin acceptor microswitch".


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