# pinHP Arcade Image

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Current update version: 29MAR23

Full image:
 pinHP Arcade carefree package 15SEP22
(File size 1.55 GB)

In case online update is not possible:
 pinHP offline patch 29MAR23
Patch update instructions: Put "patch_pinhp_29MAR23_offline.tgz" file as is inside "rpi2jamma" folder on USB stick and reboot.

Current default configuration files:
 pinHP config files
(Included in the full image)

Videos, logos, marquees, button layouts:
 pinHP assets
(Many thanks to AndyHazz for optimizing)

Sound samples not included in the image:
(Samples for batsugun, dogyuun, ghox, samesame, tekipaki, vfive and vimana)

Alternative videos download:
 Regamebox video archive
 Progetto-Snaps (Important: Scroll down to get "MAME VIDEOSNAPS only for HYPERSPIN")

MAME .106 ROMs:
 Torrent (complete ROM set)
 Torrent (individual ROMs) (Warning: Some ROMs seem to be faulty)
 Download at the Internet Archive (complete ROM set)

MAME .149 ROMs:
Use a  ROM Manager to adjust .149 ROMs for Advance Mame .106 compatibility.
 advmame106.xml source datafile for ROM manager
 Download .149 ROMs at the Internet Archive