# pinHP Arcade Image

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Current version: 14FEB24


Full image

(File size 1.54 GB)

 pinHP Arcade carefree package 14FEB24 - mega.nz
 pinHP Arcade carefree package 14FEB24 - archive.org

In case online update is not possible

Patch update instructions: Put "patch_pinhp_14FEB24_offline.tgz" file as is inside "rpi2jamma" folder on USB stick and reboot.

 pinHP offline patch 14FEB24 - mega.nz
 pinHP offline patch 14FEB24 - archive.org

Current default configuration files

(Included in the full image)

 pinHP config files

Videos, logos, marquees, button layouts

~ 3.5 GB data (many thanks to AndyHazz for optimizing)

 pinHP assets - mega.nz
 pinHP assets - archive.org

Put files into their respective folders on the USB flash drive / SD DATA partition:
Videos  rpi2jamma/videos
Logos  rpi2jamma/logos
Marquees  rpi2jamma/marquees
Buttons  rpi2jamma/buttons

Sound samples not included in the image due to file size

(Samples for batsugun, dogyuun, ghox, samesame, tekipaki, vfive and vimana)

Put samples into  rpi2jamma/samples_advmame

Alternative videos download

 Regamebox video archive
 Progetto-Snaps (Important: Scroll down to get "MAME VIDEOSNAPS only for HYPERSPIN")

MAME .106 ROMs

(Nominally 6,188 individual game ROMs are supported. Not all of them are playable.)

 Torrent (complete ROM set)
 Torrent (individual ROMs) (Warning: Some ROMs seem to be faulty)
 Download at the Internet Archive (complete ROM set)

Azvarel  "Romset Completo" (3342 files):
 Part 01
 Part 02
 Part 03
 Part 04

MAME .149 ROMs

Use a  ROM Manager to adjust .149 ROMs for AdvanceMAME .106 compatibility. There are good chances as well, that some .149 ROMs might work right out of the box.

 advmame310.xml source datafile for ROM manager
 Download .149 ROMs at the Internet Archive

N.B.: You cannot make more games available than those that are listed in the  AdvanceMAME .106 ROM set anyway. A ROM manager might help you though to adjust files for .106 compatibility (by rearranging/renaming the files inside the *.zip) if you can't find a proper .106 ROM.